Simon Wessely Young Hitler:

»Historians agree that the Hitler who came back from the Great War was a very different creature from the one who joined up – but why? Using an intriguing blend of historical scholarship and poetic licence Claus Hant suggests that the origins of Hitler’s diabolical mission and character lie in his treatment for a hysterical condition in Pasewalk Military Hospital at the end of the war. Hant constructs a circumstantial but plausible case to explain how an incompetent, irritating Austrian down and out was transformed into a charismatic leader who believed he was touched by providence.«

Professor Simon Wessely is Vice Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College, London – one of the world’s largest and most reputable teaching and research centers in mental health related sciences. He is also head of the Department of Psychological Medicine and the Director of King’s Centre for Military Health research as well as Civilian Consultant Advisor in Psychiatry to the British Army.