Jordan Grafman – Young Hitler:

»While marked changes in behavior can sometimes be due to a cardinal experience in life, occasionally they can reflect brain dysfunction or brain injury. In his new book imagining the inner life of Hitler, Claus Hant raises these issues in a thought-provoking assessment of Hitler's early life mixing both fact and imagined scenarios. While it is too late to change the outcome of Hitler's rise to power, it is never too late to learn from history so that at least a broader perspective is taken when a prospective leader's judgments were radically changed or bear little resemblance to reality.«

Dr. Jordan Grafman is Chief of the Cognitive Neuroscience Section in the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the National Institutes of Health in the US. He is an elected fellow of the American Psychological Association and has received both the Defense Meritorious Service Award and the National Institutes of Health Award of Merit. Dr. Grafman is also co-principal investigator with the Defense and Veterans Head Injury Program.